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Health Benefits of Salt

We all use salt in our daily life. But we don’t what it can help us with, we just know that salt makes our food tasty…… Salt contains both sodium and potassium, which helps balance your levels naturally. So, helps you stay hydrated. It balances electrolytes and prevents muscle cramping. The water of your nervousContinue reading “Health Benefits of Salt”

Know here the complete story of the tulsi plant

In ancient time, to the Daityaraj Kalnemi, the king of Mathura, a girl was born,Vrinda . She became a devotee of Vishnu from her childhood. When Vrinda grew up she was married to a demon named Jalandhar. Having emerged from the ocean water Jalandhar staked his claim on the treasures stir out of the ocean.Continue reading “Know here the complete story of the tulsi plant”

Holy Basil

Holy basil commonly known as Tulsi. It is indigenous to the Indian continent and highly revered for its medicinal uses within the Ayurvedic and Siddha medical systems We all know that we should keep it in home and worship it but do you know why should we keep it in home? , when and where shouldContinue reading “Holy Basil”