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Do you know that Sunscreen Offers Better Protection Than A Full-Sleeved Dress….. The primary use of sunscreen is to protect you from the harmful UV sun rays.Thus it helps to prevent sunburn. It’s regular use cuts down the risk of developing different types of skin cancers as they reduce the harmful effects of sun exposure.Continue reading “Sunscreen”

Ways to protect us from pollution…..

This time the quality of air is extremely poor and the condition is most likely to worsen after the festival Diwali. Here are some ways to protect ourselves……. Olive oil With increasing pollution and smog, it is suggested to cook your foods in this healthy oil. It will help in preventing the health effects of airContinue reading “Ways to protect us from pollution…..”

Health benefits of Marigold (calendula/genda)

Do you know that there are lots of benefits of marigold? Marigold’s most popular use from ancient times to modern day has been for healing the skin of wounds, burns, rashes, itchiness, bites and swelling. It’s oil is an excellent antioxidant source. This beautiful orange and yellow Calendula oil is an excellent antioxidant source. ThisContinue reading “Health benefits of Marigold (calendula/genda)”

Plants Which Can Help in Pollution Reduction

Plants whose daily consumption can help to fight pollution. Amla( indian gooseberry) , it has vitamin C which helps build resistance against air pollutants. Tulsi and Giloy, this fortifying combination is an effective anti-allergen that helps look after the ailments arising due to the air pollution. Aloe vera and Turmeric, consuming a drink with aContinue reading “Plants Which Can Help in Pollution Reduction”