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Health benefits of Green Chilies

Indian food is known for its spices, and chillies are what lend the food that special kick. Green chilli not only enhances flavour but also adds a lot of goodness to the food as it has many health benefits.

Green chilies is helpful in burning unnecessary body fat.

It naturally boost iron in your body.

It also helps to maintain healthy and glowing skin.

Green chilies provide instant relief to cold and cough.

Green chillies help to lower the pain levels in the body especially for people suffering from arthritis and osteoporosis.

Green chillies are loaded with antioxidants, that protect the body against cancer.

Green chillies are proven to balance blood sugar levels.

It’s extract could help manage stomach ulcers.

Green chillies are good for the eyes as well as the immune system.

Warning: Green chillies may irritate the eyes and skin upon direct contact. Chewing green chillies may cause a burning sensation on the tongue and mouth. Green chillies, if consumed in high quantities, may cause damage to the stomach, liver, and kidneys. It may also lead to brain toxicity


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